Walikale Engineering Africa is a Start-up, initiated by three brothers, university students, living in South Africa for about a decade, passionate about innovation for the transformation and development the emerging African connected businesses. It’s named after their home village in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Driven by the increasing energy demand in Africa, a lack of energy generation and distribution infrastructures, particularly in rural areas on the continent; the global trend for clean and renewable energy and the low penetration of information and communication technologies in vital sectors of the economy.

Through a self-funded model, partnering with private and public organisations; our aim is to provide full control, total overview and insight over energy consumption and energy use, accurate billing for revenue collection thought our strong ICT offerings and energy saving as part of our energy auditing and management services.

We are of the opinion that solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant energy source available, especially on the warm African continent and we strongly believe that with further exploration and exploitation with integration of information and communication technologies, there is a great potential to transform and develop the continent. Walikale Engineering Africa Ignites, Connects and Transforms Africa.

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